Newly Married and Apart PT. 1



I started medical school less than a year after getting married on top of that; my medical school was international In Antigua. I knew I was going abroad because I didn’t even bother applying to US schools and went straight to AUA (American University of Antigua).

Now having been married seven months and knowing that I would be leaving my new husband soon did not register emotionally to me because I was too excited; I HAD JUST GOTTEN INTO MEDICAL SCHOOL!! Two weeks after my acceptance, it dawned on me that I would be leaving him behind, and that reality was tough to accept. I had two months before I would need to leave home and relocate my life to Antigua. To make that transition more comfortable for both of us, we came up with a schedule of when we would talk daily/nightly. That entire summer, I worked on a project that I thought would help him deal with my absence. I made a box of memories and wrote him a letter just about every day. At the time it was a poem, a memory, a song lyric, letters for him if he was dealing with a tough situation. Now I did this because I thought it was a cute idea, but I didn’t know how much my husband would appreciate those little notes and how much I would enjoy writing them.

My husband first visited Antigua for my white coat, which was almost two months after starting school. Since then he made sure to visit me every semester about halfway through — having him visit genuinely kept me sane, because I was working on getting the heck out of dodge and took very little free time to myself, so his visits were a much-welcomed distraction. Being away from your loved ones as I have been from my husband and my family is almost never-ending within the first four years of medical school and the sacrifices we make are tougher than a lot of people anticipated they would be, myself included.

-See You Soon





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