7 Tips For Big Savings At Your Favorite Stores


Yesterday I was talking to my mom, and the words “I don’t have any accessories” escaped my lips, and my mom was floored. I may have been a little dramatic saying I don't have any. However, Over the last two years, I have been on a “minimalist” wave, downsizing my closet (all aspects of it). When I went for my daily fix of Starbucks, I stopped at Francesca’s! Francesca’s boutique is genuinely one of my favorite places to shop because everything is always so classic and timeless. Having missed the winter sales and spring collections are already out, I sprung into action armed with my iced coffee in hand. Here’s how I always score great deals at most shops.

1.) I try to set a budget (try)

  • For this trip, it was 20 dollars.

2.) Decide what you are looking for that day.

  • I always look for items that I can dress up or down.

3.) Once inside the store GO LEFT (when possible)

  • Most people tend to go right all the time, no matter the situation and that’s how stores get you! They place items that draw you in on the right!! For example, Target (my happy place) does it very well.

4.) Look but don’t touch!

  • This one is tough, but I only touch once I see a piece that overrides my self-control and I pick it up.

5.) Shop the clearance, not the actual sales.

  • Most of the items you’re going to love are not always the full price ones.

6.) Shop at the end of the season.

  • Because you’ll find real treasures there.

7.) Loyalty cards

  • This is a win-win!

  • Because you will be in the know, about sales and promotion

  • The points add up and that equals free gifts! And who doesn’t love free gifts?

Bonus Tip:

8.) If you’re at a store that has end caps, ignore these like the plague

  • You will go over budget, go home and wonder why you brought little garden gnomes when you don’t even garden.


No matter the shop, I use these tips and I always save big. On the three items I bought I paid 15 dollars. Combined original prices totaled 50 dollars, for a saving of 70%. I will style these items in an upcoming post. Thank you for reading. If you used these tips, let me know about your successes. Let me know about other tips you use.

-Blessings & Love




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