Why I Went Raw Vegan


Since I started studying for step 1, I ate terribly. Yes, I was vegetarian, but I was eating massive amounts of food that were bad for me. I was eating so many eggs a day, and it was alarming. In 3 months, I had gained 20 points and was so bloated, and I had never been so unhealthy in my life. After passing COMP by God’s grace, I decided to take control if my gut.

By the time I finished my fifth semester of medical school; I had gain 60 whopping pounds. I was bloated, my face swollen and just overall inflamed everywhere! I came home and realized I had acanthosis nigricans, which is just darkening around the neck because of insulin resistance. Even though I did my blood work, saw my doctors and my hormones are all normal (within the reference range), and I was not yet diabetic, I was pre-diabetic — a sobering diagnosis. I wanted to change and lose a massive amount of weight quickly, but I had to be honest with myself, HOW CAN I DO THAT?

So during the last ten weeks of my dedicated study period for step 1, I learned about healing my gut, decreasing inflammation, and what enzymes in the body are active during certain parts of the day. To start to heal my stomach, I decided to go vegan and then raw vegan because I found it more manageable, especially since my house is under construction and my kitchen area is a mess. Going from zero to 100, raw vegan was harder than I thought, so I decided to go raw until dinner. I just started eating fruits and veggies for most of my meals and snacks and would have a small cooked bowl of vegetables for dinner. Within the three weeks, I noticed my neck started clear up, my stomach had shrunken in size, my face was slimmer, and I had never felt better.

Now don’t get me wrong it’s not easy, but once I got past the detox phase, I was able to take charge of what I put in my body, which is truly the first step to developing self-discipline and embarking on a journey to health.

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