The Lion King: What You Should Know Beforehand


So from the minute, I heard there would be a live-action Lion King I was against it, no matter how many links my dad sent me trying to convince it looked awesome, I was not convinced. The week leading up to the realization I could not stop laughing at the memes about this movie. One, in particular ⬇️⬇️

IMG_3984 2.jpg

Now needless to say I grew up watching Disney movies and I have seen the Lion King no less than 3million is times, saw it on broadway so let’s just say I know every word, every lyric and pitch from the characters voices as they deliver their lines. So going in, my expectations were HIGH!!!!


Points to keep in mind:

1.) The story is the same, but the words are a lot verbatim from the cartoon. Because it’s live-action, some artistic liberties were taken and words, dialogues added. But it was all done well, and I loved it.

2.) John Oliver is the Zazu of my dreams, during the movie, I honestly forgot what the original Zazu sounded like. Triple thumbs up!! 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

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3.) If you are not a fan of the hyenas, you will be. We see a different side of the hyenas we are used to, they are still funny and witty. Ed, the hyena, actually speaks, instead of just repeating everything the other two said. Shenzi, the hyena, played voiced by Florence Kasumba was very powerful. In all the times I watched the original movie I overlooked her, so I thought that Ms. Kasumba was well casted.

4.) Uncle Scar is still scary as hell, and the fighting scenes are intense.


5.) Beyoncé as Nala is a no for me. Now let’s all calm down and breathe, I like me some Bey, but her voice and delivery for me as Nala missed the mark. Her pitch was very high, and it did not do it for me. Now please Bey hive do not come for me, this is just my opinion.

6.) Timon and Pumba are still the life of the party, they are funny and the friends we wished we all had growing up. Now there’s a line about confronting a bully that Pumba says, I don’t remember that from the original, but in the age of cyberbullying, I support it.




Keep an open mind, this movie is fun and enjoyable. When you go to watch it don’t over compare the two films, watch it, sing along and relive your childhood 90s/80s babies.

-See You Soon