Ocean Air and Salty Hair


If you’re like me you kinda hate this time of year; the heat, the sweat, and inability to find a decent bathing suit that’s not a tankini.

My husband and I decided to take a short road trip to Virginia Beach, so that means I needed a bathing suit. I am currently between sizes so I knew to find a bathing suit was going to be a task in itself. I asked a few friends about the bathing suits they liked and that I saw them in and also liked. After reading hundreds of reviews and looking at strangers in bathing suits I have picked the two amazon pieces that I think win the summer.

First, it’s the blue mesh one piece. I bought this piece because I thought it was cute but I wasn’t 100% sold. When it arrived I tried it on and I still did not love it but my husband did so I packed it. It wasn’t until my first beach day did I truly see how cute this suit was. I removed the breast pads (they didn’t sit correctly). It looked and felt great, the mesh added some sex appeal but still modest. There wasn’t a lot of support for larger breast but as long as your plans don’t involve running on the beach, you will be fine. This is true to size.

BD7C1731-C281-451B-8A9B-3951132FC7AB 2.JPG

Second the two-piece, I order this because I hated the ideas of an ugly one piece. I ordered XXL, I sized up because I have had terrible luck with bathing suit tops fitting. This one I loved Instantly! I liked the top with the cold shoulder detail, I like the hi-low effect that covered the back more than the front. The negative here is the bottom was way to larger. I ended up pairing the top with another high waisted plain black bottoms I had.

IMG_1782 2.jpg

The last thing is the black skirt cover up from boho, this is also true to size. I loved wearing this piece from Boohoo. I wore when I wasn’t in the water and it was perfect for playing volleyball in because of the high thigh slits. What bathing suits are you loving this summer?